In development of afrofunctional beacons for astro-Black gatherings
across spacetime.

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Q: What metals do you work with?

I mostly work with sheet metal in copper, brass, bronze, aluminum and pewter. I also have experience with sand casting in pewter, silver & bronze, as well as with creating items using metal clay (copper alloys & PMC).

Q: How do you make your jewelry?

I work alongside machines: a Nomad 883 Pro and a MakerDreams Evo One CNC mill help me cut my designs out of sheet metal. After milling, I form and finish each piece by hand.

Q: Who is your jewelry for?

BLACKMARZIAN focuses on blackness and an afrofunctionality of jewelry. My understanding of afrofunctionality concerns things that work in a particular way - and serve a particular purpose - on the basis of Black bodies being directly interfaced with them. As it follows, much of my work (specifically denoted by the term “crest”) is intended to be worn solely by Black people. 

Q: Why relate Black people to Mars? 

Well, I don’t think we ought to physically be on Mars. Earth is enough, and there is plenty that needs to be figured out for us here. I just call on Mars to inhabit my thoughts because of how it makes me dream, and how it gives me hope. I dream of passages of time that would somehow place us in a liberated relationship with Mars. I hope Mars >>and every other celestial body<< smacks the nonsense out of colonizer expansion towards it. That resonates throughout my entire black being. MmmMars, that inhospitable rock of a place...another body that should not be interacted with under imperial pretenses...I can feel its planetary power surging in my head as I write this. Yep, I’m content to be with Mars in spirit while staying on Earth. Here, I will eagerly prepare my stomach acid for the bone-scraps of colonialism that Mars is likely to serve up. I just know Mars will have us COVERED on the soul food. Oughta be a treat.

Q: What do machines have to do with blackness?

Personally? Being saddled up with a machine is what enables me to do much of my work according to my own terms of labor. I know other Black makers who feel the same. At the moment, I can’t say I have any boss but myself, and I have the presence of machine assistance in my life to thank for that. It has given me dreams that were once trapped in my sleep. I think of the tale of John Henry, with an alternate storyline where both John and the steel-driving machine elope from the competition of whose body is worth more to their overlords. I imagine what a robotic deficiency of capitalism looks like. I then consider the Black roots of techno [and any other form of creation that melds Black expression with machine capacities for labor]. I sense...a mutually evolving lineage between us and automatons. Now I’m not here for anything vaguely resembling a RoboCop; based on our already established history, I believe that Black relationships with machines which are predicated on our shared liberation from capitalist toils just might make the many possible Afrofutures brighter.

Q: Are you inspired by any particular things?

Black queer feminism...anarkata/abolition futurity...rudimentary understandings of coding...dinosaurs...bugs...

Q: C00l!

Warranty Policies

Q: How long will it take for you to receive your order?

My items are usually made to order, and will generally be shipped within 8-10 business days via USPS Priority Mail.

For custom orders, it could take me a couple of days or a couple of weeks to make one item. I will let you know at the beginning of the process what the estimated timeframe is. If you order multiple items, it may take longer than if you just order one. If business is quiet it may be quick, if I am very busy it may not.

Q: What is the process for returning something?

You have 30 days from the delivery date of your order to initiate a return. All US orders are eligible for a prepaid return label within this timeframe. If you are outside of the US, please contact me by email at to arrange a return.

Q: What is the warranty on your products?

Each item with a six month repair warranty, starting from the date of purchase and covering manufacturing defects. 

In the event that you would like to utilize this product warranty, please contact me at with the subject line "Jewelry Warranty Claim" to begin this process.